Services overview


Shooting, sound, editing, color and efects – all in a single package.

I will make nearly any video to your will. It may be a prom video or a video about your pet, I’m sure we can do it together!

I also offer multicam recordings, for example for theater plays or interviews.

Contact me and I’ll give you a quote that matches to your needs and ideas.

Virtual tours

Do you need a virtual tour of your space?

  • Flats and houses for sale
  • Schools
  • Commercial spaces
  • Theatres and concert halls

2D animation, infographics, compositing

Do you need animated titles, videopresentation or other marketing materials? It can be challenging to create something ground up, but together we can do it!


If you already had your project filmed, you will give me the raw files, and I will finish the project

Please call me, the price is completly individual.

Light design, live sound and projection

  • Lighting design for events + previsualization
  • Live sound mixing and PA
  • Projection, VJing and live videoproductions / streaming

If you happen to be interested in these services, please contact me directly.

3D animation and vizualization

Complete design of architectural mockups, virtual studios and other 3D assets.


If something is left unclear, contact me

Prices depend on the dificulty of each project and vary widely

Short videos can be made for less than 2 000CZK

YES, most projects are filmed in 4K DCI res., if needed the final video can be delivered in this resolution. Usually I deliver videos in FHD quality which is great for both web and projection and is easier to work with.

If you are interested in 4K multicam or higher resolution shooting, please contact me beforehand

I have no problem with finishing projects, but you need to make sure the assets are in the formats I can work with (look at About me)

Call or message me, surely we can work something out

20 – 60 minutes on location and then about a week for a delivery. If you need your tour faster, contact me. 

The time spent shooting the space depends on the number of scenes/rooms – it usualy takes about 5 minutes per room.